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Over the past 25 years, Glenville Wine & Spirits has seen a lot of change in the wine, beer and spirits industry.

We have succeeded with a philosophy of service: finding the customer the right bottle, at the right price, whether for a big occasion or for "Wine O'Clock."

We started as a neighborhood store at the nexus of Weaver, Riversville and Pemberwick Roads.


We grew to be favored by a large clientele from the King Street Corridor to Downtown Greenwich and from Chickahominy to Greenwich's Back Country.

We now serve a very diverse community all over Fairfield and Westchester Counties.  This includes large corporations, local homeowners, wine collectors, caterers, and service workers.


Wines, Beers & Spirits

Let's face it: there is a bewildering variety of wine, beer and spirits out there.  How do our customers navigate this sea of potables?

It's simple.  They ask.


Our customers know that we will not allow a wine, beer or spirit into our shop unless we have tasted and approved it beforehand.  Our recommendations are not based on hearsay; they are based on what our palates tell us.

In addition to our superlative stock selection, we are able to source virtually any wine, usually within 24 hours. We do this on a regular basis, at no extra charge; special orders are one of the pillars of our business.

We will ask you more questions than the average shop. We want to zero in on your needs.  We are not a one-wine-fits-all shop.

You will find brand-name wines here, to be sure.  But sooner or later, you will also be tempted to expand your palate from our selection of smaller producers whom we believe offer the greatest value.

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